Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream, packaged in white frosted glass jar with white lid
Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream, product with open lid against a blue background.
Ice Cream creamy off-white swatch of product texture
Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
Cone full of real vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles smooshed upside down on top of Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream jar
Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream with swirled cream textured backdrop
Hand model dipping into product goop

Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

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Ceramide-enriched moisturizer replenishes the skin with lasting hydration and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier against environmental stressors responsible for premature aging. Skin stays smooth, balanced and ageless-looking throughout the day. 

Rich but lightweight, this dual action moisturizer uses beetroot and coconut extract to pull hydration into the skin, while ceramides, vitamin F, and pomegranate sterols strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier, sealing in moisture. Together, skin is glowing, baby-smooth, and deeply hydrated. Best for Normal to Dry Skin.

Sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and phthalate-free.